Exceptional Service Leads to Superior Customer Satisfaction


Our Strength is in sourcing, distribution, and marketing. We provide our customers with the tools necessary to help expand their business while making vital purchasing decisions. We can consistently ensure the utmost quality for all our commodities while providing competitive pricing and on time delivery.

With over 40 years combined experience we understand your business and will do what it takes to support you ‐‐ our loyal customer. Whether large or small we are committed to providing you the most consistent quality for the most competitive price.

Grading and Stamping

Need your product Graded and Stamped by the United States Department of Agriculture? We can help. Most of our contract customers require that their products are graded and stamped.

At time of delivery we will provide you with a USDA grading certificate.

Need Kosher

We work with many of the kosher organizations including the Orthodox Union, Star K and the Beth Din of South Africa. We can arrange Rabbinical supervision with our packers for our private label customers who need Passover Production. Many of our Premium Label products were produced at factories recognized by one of the major kosher authorities and our label bares the logo of that authority.

HACCP Program

For us to work with a supplier they must conform to all U.S guidelines related to this program.

Since 1997, we have required all of our Seafood Suppliers to conform to the USFDA HACCP Program. We maintain all the records from these suppliers to show they are in full HACCP compliance. We update these records annually.


Port Royal works closely with a large insurance brokerage company to make sure that we maintain proper insurance coverages to protect you our valuable customer.

Please feel free to call Mr. Doug Solow, our account officer at Alliance Brokerage Corp, Westbury, NY, Telephone #: 516-465-1164 if you have any questions related to our insurance coverage